Universal S-type flash kit

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A large set of gels and holders for creative photography. Universal filter holders, suitable for Canon, Nikon, YongNuo, Shanny, Godox, Sony / Minolta, Pentax, Pentax, Panasonic, Vivitar, Metz, Nissin, Olympus flashes.

In a set of 2 holders – foldable and S-type with mounting bands.
32 LEE-filter gels are divided into two sets. The corrective kit consists of 14 filters. A set of spectacular 18 colored filters.

The main feature of the kit is compatibility with any S-type and L-type flash holders.

This is the best set for amateurs and professionals. Also suitable for a small studio.

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Thanks to convenient cuts, changing the gel takes only a couple of seconds, and you do not need to be distracted from the creative process. Holders and gels can be operated in all weather conditions. The holder is securely attached with a silicone rubber band.

  • Acrylic material (durable, easy to clean, hard to scratch, heat resistant)

  • Very easy to change filters while shooting.

  • Does not scratch and does not spoil the filters

  • Protects the filter from melting at full flash pulse power

  • Convenient to mount / remove the holder to the flash

  • Does not scratch the body of the flash


Completeness of the set:

1 S-type holder
1 Folding holder
2 Silicone rubber bands
Corrective LEE gels (14pcs)
Effects LEE gels (18pcs)

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