S-type filter holder for flashgun

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S-type filter holder, suitable for any on-camera flashes from Canon, Nikon, YongNuo, Shanny, Godox, Sony / Minolta, Pentax, Panasonic, Vivitar, Metz, Nissin, Olympus.
The main feature is compatible with any S-type flash holder, and of course the L-type too.
Includes holder with silicone rubber.

The holder is convenient to mount on the flash. It does not scratch the filters themselves and the body of the flash. It also reliably protects the filter from melting during the full power of the flash pulse. A new cutout for fingers has become more convenient, now it is easier to center the filter in the holder. It is very helpful to quickly change the background color or add color accents while shooting in the studio or during sequential shooting.

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If you want to make interesting unique pictures using a camera flash, then you need to use color filters in your work.

They help create the background and improve the composition of images. In the process of working with color filters there is a need for their convenient attachment to the flash.

Also, the filters need to be changed quickly and at the same time they should not melt at a high flash pulse power.


The holder is made of very durable clear acrylic, which bends without losing quality. This holder is suitable for almost any flash.

  • Acrylic material (durable, easy to clean, hard to scratch, heat resistant)

  • Very easy to change filters while shooting.

  • Does not scratch and does not spoil the filters

  • Protects the filter from melting at full flash pulse power

  • Convenient to mount / remove the holder to the flash

  • Does not scratch the body of the flash

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