LEE-Filters Make-up 8 pcs for External camera flash

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The set consists of Make-Up gels – 5 colored LEE-filters gels and 3 diffuse gels.
Diffuse gels with different density (easily turn your flash into a mini soft box.) Suitable for shooting portraits, shooting close-up items for lots at online auctions, etc.
Make-Up gels are many times better than CTO (which most photographers use) because they were created specifically to correct the skin color of a person. With these filters you will forget about skin correction in Photoshop, all you need is to install the correct filter and take a picture.
You can easily combine these gels.

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Make-up filters

In the set of 5 filters for quick Make-up, when there is no time to edit the pictures in the graphic editors, just install the filter with the desired shade on the flash and shoot. These filters are specially created for Make-up shooting.

Diffuse Filters

The kit includes 3 diffuse filters with different density, they turn your flash into a mini soft box. Ideal to use with Make-up filters or corrective.



Colour Lee Number
Cosmetic Peach Lee 184
Cosmetic Silver Rose Lee 186
Cosmetic Rouge Lee 187
Cosmetic Highlight Lee 188
Soft Amber Key 1 Lee 774
LEELux Lee 400
Three Quarter White Diffusion Lee 416
Three Eighth White Diffusion Lee 450

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