Diffuser and holder of color filters for DSLR flash (Kit Portrait)

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The kit consists of a folding camera holder for gels and a set of Make-Up LEE-filter gels – 5 colored gels and 3 diffuse gels.
Diffuse gels with different density (easily turn your flash into a mini soft box.) Suitable for shooting portraits, shooting close-up items for lots at online auctions, etc.
Make-Up gels are many times better than STO (which most photographers use) because they were created specifically to correct the skin color of a person. With these filters you will forget about skin correction in Photoshop, all you need is to install the correct filter and take a picture. You can easily combine these gels.

Correctly works on almost all mirrors with a hot shoe and built-in flash.

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The folding holder is made of durable plastic, very compact in the folded form, it is easy to lay out with one hand and install on the camera in a matter of seconds.

Unique folding headband, allows more than 10,000 flexions without loss of plastics quality!

  • Plastic material (very strong and non-light refracting)

  • Only a half of standard filter is needed (7 cm)

  • Easy and fast change of a filter in the filter holder

  • Does not scratch or crimp your filters

  • Does not fuse and heat up from flash with full power of the speedlight

  • Convenient mounting / dismounting of the holder

  • Does not scratch the body of the speedlight


Kit Contents:

  • Folding holder DSLR
  • Make-up LEE gels (8 pcs)

Suitable for the following camera models:

Canon: EOS-100D/1000D/700D/650D/600D/500

Nikon: D40/D40x/D50/D70/D70s/D80/D90/D100/D200/

Pentax: K-3/K-500/K-5 IIs/K-5 II/K-50/K-x/K-7/K-m/

Fujifilm: S5pro/S3pro/S2pro

Samsung: GX-20/GX-10/GX-1L/GX-1S


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