Folding Filter holder for flash

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Universal folding filter holder, compatible for any on-camera flashes Canon, Nikon, YongNuo, Shanny, Godox, Sony / Minolta, Pentax, Panasonic, Vivitar, Metz, Nissin, Olympus.
In the kit holder with a silicone rubber band.

The holder is easy to attach to a flash. It does not scratch the filters themselves and the flash housing. Also reliably protects the filter from melting during the full flash pulse power. In the corner of the holder, there is a cutout for the fingers, which makes it possible to quickly change the filters using only one hand for this. It is very helpful to quickly change the background color or add color accents during shooting in the studio or during the reportage shooting.

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If you want to make interesting unique images with a flash flash, then you need to use color filters in your work. They help to create a background and improve the composition of the pictures. In the process of working with color filters, there is a need for their convenient attachment to the flash. Also, the filters need to be changed quickly and yet they do not have to melt at high flash pulse power.


It is made of very durable transparent plastic, which bends without losing its qualities.

Более 10 000 сгибаний без потери качества!


A unique folding holder, which we present to your attention, will help to solve all these problems.

  • Plastic material (very strong and non-light refracting)

  • Only a half of standard filter is needed (7 cm)

  • Easy and fast change of a filter in the filter holder

  • Does not scratch or crimp your filters

  • Does not fuse and heat up from flash with full power of the speedlight

  • Convenient mounting / dismounting of the holder

  • Does not scratch the body of the speedlight

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