LEE-Filters Effect 18 pcs for External camera flash

4.5 $

A large set of effect filters, for beginners and professional photographers – 18 quality filters produced by England, which help to realize creative ideas in photography.

With their help you can create a background of any color (mixing filters can get even more combinations of shades).

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With this set of effect filters you can organize your home photo studio in 5 minutes without placing bulky paper backgrounds or screens. In the set there are filters of bright colors and with subdued halftones, combining them, you can get many new shades.

And with our unique StrobTools holder, filter changes last no longer than three seconds, it is convenient to change filters even when the flash is in the softbox.



Colour Lee Number
Dark Blue Lee 119
Medium Blue Lee 132
Primary Green Lee 139
Dark Green Lee 124
Peacock Blue Lee 115
Light Red Lee 182
Dark Amber Lee 022
Yellow Lee 101
Urban Sodium Lee 652
Burnt Yellow Lee 770
Deep Straw Lee 015
Mauve Lee 126
Magical Magenta Lee 795
Congo Blue Lee 181
Fuchsia Pink Lee 345
Surprise Peach Lee 017
Easy White Lee 747
Super Correction W.F. Green Lee 232

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