DSLR Camera filter holder for built-in flash

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Foldable filter holder for cameras with built-in flash under the hot shoe, made of durable plastic, convenient and quick to change filters, installation with one hand.

It is intended for installation of color filters on a flash of the camera. (GELS NOT INCLUDED IN THE SET)
Diffuse gels with different density (easily turn your flash into a mini soft box.) Suitable for shooting portraits, shooting close-up items for lots at online auctions, etc.
Make-Up gels are many times better than STO (which most photographers use) because they were created specifically to correct the skin color of a person. With these filters you will forget about skin correction in Photoshop, all you need is to install the correct filter and take a picture. You can easily combine diffuse and colored gels.

Correctly works on almost all mirrors with a hot shoe and built-in flash.

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We offer a novelty! Foldable filter holder for DSLR cameras with built-in flash for standard shoe. The holder is easy to install with one hand, made of very durable transparent plastic.


Suitable for the following camera models:

Canon: EOS-100D/1000D/700D/650D/600D/500D/450D/400D/350D/300D/30D/20D

Nikon: D40/D40x/D50/D70/D70s/D80/D90/D100/D200/D300/D300s/D700/D3000/D3200/D5000/D7000/D7100

Pentax: K-3/K-500/K-5 IIs/K-5 II/K-50/K-x/K-7/K-m/K20D/K200D/K10D/K100D

Fujifilm: S5pro/S3pro/S2pro

Samsung: GX-20/GX-10/GX-1L/GX-1S


It does not scratch the filters themselves and the flash housing. Also reliably protects the filter from melting during the full flash pulse power.


Unique folding headband, allows more than 10,000 flexions without loss of plastics quality!

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