Corrective Lighting LEE-Filters gels 13 pcs.

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In the set of 13 quality filters (gels), the production of England – CTO (Color Temperature Orange), CTB (Color Temperature Blue), Plus Green, Minus Green, ND.

Correction filters are needed to correct the lighting when there are 2 or more light sources with different color temperature in the room. With this kit, you can even out the white balance in virtually any room.

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This kit includes five types of filters:

1) three popular Color Temperature Orange 3200K, 3600K, 4200K., Which convert the 5500K flash light into incandescent light;

2) three gel CTB (Color Temperature Blue) 3600K, 4300K, 5700K., Which convert the warm light 3200K into a daylight 5700K. In practice, CTB gels are most often used outdoors under certain weather conditions, or indoors, when cold light from the street prevails over the interior lighting, then it is easier not to fight with it and illuminate the subject with cold light;

3) three Plus Green gels with different degrees of color saturation, which are used mainly to equalize the illumination of gas-discharge lamps:

4) two Minus Green gels that are used to align the lighting of gas discharge lamps, as well as Plus Green gels. Since the assortment of discharge lamps is very large, and you never guess which type of lamp is installed, it is very difficult to determine this by eye. Therefore, it is better to have filters for all lighting options;

5) two ND gels – neutral gray gels with different degrees of blackout of 0.3 and 0.6 stops. These filters are used to reduce the intensity of the light pulse. For example, you shoot an object and the flash power of 1/128 is too much, you dress the ND filter and thereby reduce the intensity of the pulse to implement the creative idea. ND filters can be used in different combinations, the holder can safely install 3-4 filters at the same time.



Colour Lee Number
CTO – Full Colour Temperature Orange Lee 204
½ CTO – Half Colour Temperature Orange Lee 205
¼ CTO – Quarter Colour Temperature Orange Lee 206
CTB – Full Colour Temperature Blue Lee 201
½ CTB – Half Colour Temperature Blue Lee 202
¼ CTB – Quarter Colour Temperature Blue Lee 203
Plus Green (aka Window Green) Lee 244
½ Plus Green Lee 245
¼ Plus Green Lee 246
LEE Minus green Lee 247
Half Minus green Lee 248
0.3 ND – 1 stop neutral density Lee 209
0.6 ND – 2 stop neutral density Lee 210

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