Diffusion Make-up filters

Forget about bulky and inconvenient accessories for the speedlight!

One compact holder will substitute almost all light modifiers.
The holder is made of heat-resistant plastic, impact-resistant, doesn’t scratch the housing, securely mounts to the speedlight with a silicone ruber band.


5 colors and 3 diffusion Make-up filters in set:

  • Lee 400 (1.5 Stop)
  • Lee 416 (1 Stop)
  • Lee 450 (0.6 Stop)

3 diffusion filters with different transparency provide unlimited scope for creativity. You can easily combine diffusion filters with any other filters, color or corrective and it’s quite easy to do with a convenient holder.

The Make-up set contains 5 color filters for virtually any situation during shooting. These filters are many times better than the lighting equipment, as they were specifically designed for the correction of skin color.

With these filters you will forget about correction in Photoshop, all you need is to install the filter you want and take a picture. The filters can be combined with each other, as well as to be used with diffusion filters from the Make-up set.

Make-up Filters
Unbelievable! Make-up within minutes!
Effect Filters

LEE-Filters Effect 18 pcs for External camera flash

4.5 $

A large set of effect filters, for beginners and professional photographers – 18 quality filters produced by England, which help to realize creative ideas in photography.

With their help you can create a background of any color (mixing filters can get even more combinations of shades).

Large set of effect filters for amateur and professional photographs. Ideal for home studio, when there is no possibility to place bulky paper backgrounds and screens.

With such a set you can create your own home photo studio in 5 minutes; the set includes bright color and muted undertones, which can be combined to get new shades.

The replacement of filter lasts no more than three seconds with StrobTools holder. It’s convenient to replace filters even when the speedlight is in soft box.

Correction Filters

The most popular gels are CTO (Color Temperature Orange), convert the flash light of 5500K into incandescent light, this is approximately 3200K. In a set of 3 gels – 3200K, 3600K, 4200K.


Gels CTB (Color Temperature Blue), convert warm light 3200K into daylight 5700K. In a set of 3 gels – 5700K, 4300K, 3600K. In practice, CTB gels are most often used outdoors under certain weather conditions, or indoors when cold light from the street prevails over indoor lighting, then it is easier not to fight with it and illuminate the subject with cold light.

Gels Plus Green are used mainly to equalize the illumination of gas-discharge lamps. In a set of 3 gels with different degrees of color saturation.


Minus Green gels are used to align the lighting of gas-discharge lamps, as well as Plus Green gels. The assortment of gas-discharge lamps is very large, and you never guess which type of lamp is installed, it is very difficult to determine this by eye. Therefore, it is better to have filters for all lighting options. In a set of 2 gels.

ND gels, these are neutral gray gels with different degrees of blackout. In this set of 2 gels with a degree of blackout of 0.3 and 0.6 stop, respectively. These filters are used to reduce the intensity of the light pulse. For example, you shoot an object and flash power 1/128 too much, you dress the ND filter and thereby reduce the intensity of the pulse. ND filters can be used together, in the holder you can safely install 3-4 filters at the same time.